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Monday, 25 October 2010

DFID Malaria Consultation - 'Breaking the cycle of malaria'

There is a great opportunity to direct the fight against malaria. Please see below and complete the survey.

The Department for International Development's malaria consultation is closing on Tuesday 26 October 2010 and we are keen to get as many opinions as possible on how best to tackle malaria. Your comments and expertise will help us to understand different viewpoints, how these issues vary in different countries, and how DFID could work better with partners.
To have your say visit: 
email your feedback to malaria@dfid.gov.uk.

What was promised at the UN MDG Summit?
The Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell,  announced that the UK will help halve the number of deaths caused by malaria in at least ten African countries by 2015. As part of this  boost, UKaid will save 5,500 children's lives in Zambia by increasing access to malaria prevention, diagnostics and treatment and in Ghana the UK will supply 2.4 million new insecticide-treated bednets, enough to save 13,000 lives a year.

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