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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What I did on Saturday: Il Bambina and Malta day UK 10

On this past Saturday we were lucky enough to attend the tenth annual Malta day UK which included a Mass in honour of the child Mary (Il Bambina) and concluded with a procession from Westminster Cathedral to the Chapel of the Sacred Heart. It was so beautiful to walk through the streets in the heart of Westminster showing our devotion to our Lady. Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols was at the Mass (in the Choir), and the Mass was celebrated by the Archbishop of Malta, Paul Cremona. An extraordinary event occurred as we were concluding the prayer after the procession - during the final prayer a rainbow appeared in the sky, a horizontal band in the middle of the sky. What a beautiful sign.
Il Bambina is the child Mary. The statue you see in the photos is a copy of one in the Parish Church in Xaghra which was brought from Marseilles in 1878.
Archbishop Vincent Nichols
Archbishop Paul Cremona
Il Bambina bringing some blessings to London
There were many festivities, including a brass band to accompany the procession, and the choir from Malta.
Traditional Maltese dress
Archbishop Paul with the choir

Ladies in traditional clothing
Proof I was there :-)
The Rainbow that appeared during Salve Regina

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