"Christ lives, he has overcome death, he has overcome all these powers. We live in this certainty, in this freedom, and in this joy." (Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience, 12 XI 2008)
"Do not accept anything as the truth if it lacks love. And do not accept anything as love which lacks the truth! One without the other becomes a destructive lie." (Blessed John Paul II, Canonisation of Edith Stein, 11 X 1998)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

In the UK Love and Truth are not free!

I have just seen that Richard Dawkins has been discussing that he may try to attempt a citizens arrest of Pope Benedict XVI during his visit this week. Has this man lost his mind (or should I say not yet found it)? I continue to be baffled by this country. You are free to believe anything you want except the Truth as revealed by God. You can do anything you want, but try to act in the light of Love and you are labelled a bigot.
Please join us in prayer for this country as we prepare for the visit of Pope B16. May those who consider themselves "enlightened" be open to the true light. May they turn away from being infatuated by the shadows they cast and allow themselves to face the source of light.
When discussing the difference between right and wrong with many people you will hear the reply: "I'm not so close minded, I was raised in a liberal home." Excuse me! What do you mean by liberal, because when I think of liberty I recall Saint Paul's words explaining how we were once "slaves to sin" and have become "adopted sons of God through Christ", not only freed from slavery, but been accepted and given the inheritance (cf: Gal 4:7). Is there a freedom, a liberty, that can surpass this? I challenge you to point it out. God liberates us from the smallness that is ourselves, allows us to share in his gloriousness. But He allows us the liberty to choose in favour of ourselves above Him, we can choose to trap ourselves in the pursuit of pleasure in this life instead of the happiness, true happiness, the fruit that only virtue can bring to fruition. That is the stark choice. Be "liberal" in the world's view and have as much short-lived pleasure or choose to be adopted into true freedom.
I thank Jesus for liberating me, and I pray I may not squander that freedom.

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