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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Campaign to stop mother to child transmission of HIV

Let's steer the UN to start doing things that are positive and life affirming. Help now!


  1. I love it ... wonderful poster!

  2. Ok, I withdraw my statement! Guys, we have to be really careful who do we support...its alll absolutely undercover ... One.org is an organization set up by Bono ... now, check carefully who supports it and gives money ..here we go, for example Gates Foundation which is absolutely not pro life. Has any of you read how they want to stop HIV transmission ... its all the same agenda !
    I completely dissapprove!


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  4. Link removed pending investigation. Sorry if I misled anyone. On another look at the petition it appears it might be misleading and the petition is not primarily focussed on the drug treatment which prevents mother to child transmission, but is rather a ruse to get people to sign up to a misleading push on the MDG's in general.

  5. Just to give some more information. A baby does not become infected with HIV in the womb of his/her mother. Transmission of the virus occurs during the trauma of birth or through breast feeding. Usually only 40% of children contract HIV if the mother is HIV positive. However, with treatment using Neviropene this figure drops to 10%. This treatment should be universally available for all pregnant women who are HIV positive.